Jumat, 09 November 2012

AVG INTERNET SECURITY2013 2013.0.2677a5774

AVG INTERNET SECURITY2013 2013.0.2677a5774

 AVG INTERNET SECURITY 2013 2013.0.2677a5774  kalo sobat pecinta ini anti virus.. silahkan coba.. saya sediakan berserta SERIAL NUMBER.. silahkan coba sendiri

* Improved scanning using enhanced scanning algorithms for faster scanning.
* Improved compatibility with a detected 3rd party Firewall.
* Refined threshold for browser memory consumption.
* Boot accelerator optimizes time needed for boot up.
* Fresh and new user interface for easier navigation and better user experience.
* AVG 2013 is fully compatible with Windows 8.
* Anti-Rootkit: Improved reporting of corrupted sections.
* Anti-Spam: Improved configuration of all Anti-Spam components.
* DNT: Fixed crash in urlmon.dll in Windows 8.
* General: Alert Manager component has been removed.
* General: Update selection dialog has been removed.
* General: System Tools component has been removed.
* Outlook Addin: Fixed possible freeze and compatibility issue with Kerio Outlook Connector.
* Safe Surf: Fixed issue with upload speed while Safe Surf is running.
* Safe Surf: Fixed issue with occasional crash when analyzing *.swf content.
* Scheduler: Only one scheduled scan can be running at the same time.
* Setup: Driver installation logging has been extended to provide enhanced information.
* Setup: Search Shield component will not be installed by default, but only after having been selected for installation.
* Update: Fixed problem with rollback of failed update.

==> AVG INTERNET SECURITY 2013 2013.0.2677a5774 153MB

semoga bermanfaat guys


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